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Zebra QLn220 Mobile Printer

Zebra QLn220 Mobile Printer

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Zebra’s popular QL™ series of direct-thermal mobile label printers has built a highly satisfied following based upon its proven dropresistant durability, user-friendly productivity-boosting features and easy integration. As Zebra’s third generation of QL printers, the QLn series extends these QL-platform benefits – whether you choose the QLn320™ for three-inch-wide printing, or the soon-to-come two-inch QLn220™ printer. A new design joins the printer’s tempered-glass display and rubber-infused over-moulding to make this lightweight printer even more durable. The QLn printer can boost your operation’s productivity through a larger, sharper, easier-to-navigate display; faster, higher-quality printing; a variety of proactive alerts that help keep working printers in employees’ hands; and many convenient charging accessories. And your IT department will find the QLn printer easier to integrate into existing environments with features such as Zebra Global Printing, improved network performance and ZebraLink™ support. ZebraLink Tools help reduce “no problem found” service returns thanks to their remote Ethernet-connected printer-, battery-, configuration and firmware management capabilities.

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8 Most Popular Configurations
QN2-AUBA0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Bluetooth, Linered Platen, 3/4, Ethernet)170$733.65Qty:
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QN2-AUBA0000-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (US Bluetooth, DR Linered Platen, 3/4 Inch Core)151$733.65Qty:
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QN2-AU1A0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Serial/USB)64$666.65Qty:
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QN2-AUBB0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Bluetooth, Linerless Platen, 1.375 Inch, Core Ethernet)20$767.15Qty:
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QN2-AUNA0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (802.11a/b/g/n Radio, Linered Platen, 3/4 Ethernet)Available$850.90Qty:
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QN2-AUGA0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (802.11b/g, Linered Platen, 3/4, Ethernet)Available$967.12Qty:
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QN2-AU1B0E00-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Linerless Ethernet)Discontinued
Please Call
For Replacement
QN2-AGGA0000-00QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Japan, 802.11b-g, Linered Platen, 3/4 Inch Clip)Discontinued
Please Call
For Replacement