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Motorola DS4308 2D Imager

Motorola DS4308 2D Imager

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SCAN ANY 1-D OR 2-D BAR CODE FARTHER AND FASTER WITH NEXT GENERATION SCANNING TECHNOLOGY. The Zebra (formerly Motorola) DS4308 barcode imager is a feature-rich next generation 2-D imager that resets the bar for scanning performance, scanning range, versatility and ease-of-use. Workers can capture virtually any bar code faster than ever, whether it is displayed on a smartphone, tablet or computer or printed on a label — even if it is scratched, damaged or dirty. The Zebra DS4308 barcode scanner is small and lightweight design offers the ergonomics your workers need for all day comfort in the most scan intensive jobs. A variety of models meet a wide range of business needs — from the Point-of-Sale in a retail store to the light industrial manufacturing production line. Regardless of which model you choose, you get one powerful scanner that does the job of two. The Standard Range (SR) model offers an extraordinary range, eliminating the need to purchase separate standard and extended range scanners. The High Density (HD) model scans standard bar codes as well as the tiny, dense barcodes commonly found on jewelry tags, consumer electronics and electronic components — eliminating the need to purchase separate standard and high density specialty scanners. And driver’s license parsing can be added to either model. The result? An extraordinary feature set and an extraordinary value.

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15 Most Popular Configurations
DS4308-HC0000BZZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HC Imager, Healthcare, HC White)Over
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DS4308-SR7U2100AZWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, USB Kit, Black)Over
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DS4308-HCBU2100AZWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HC, USB Kit with CBA-U21-S07ZAR Shielded USB Cable)177$218.38Qty:
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DS4308-HD00007ZZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, 2D, Twilight Black)139$206.50Qty:
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DS4308-SR6U2100AZWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, White, USB Kit, Includes CBA-U21-S07ZAR)34$226.35Qty:
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DS4308-DL7U2100SGWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DL, Black with Stand, USB Kit)17$266.72Qty:
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DS4308-SR7R0110SGNMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, with Stand, Serial Kit - NA, Black)16$268.71Qty:
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DS4308-SR00007PZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (Imager with Presentation Stand, SR, Corded, Black)2$257.45Qty:
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DS4308-SR00007ZZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (Imager, Strange, Black)Available$206.50Qty:
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DS4308-DL00007ZZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (Area Imager, DL Parsing, Twilight Black)Available$223.04Qty:
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DS4308-HD7U2100AZWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, USB Kit with CBA -U21-S07ZAR Shielded USB Cable, Black)Available$226.35Qty:
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DS4308-HD7U2100SGWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, with Stand, USB Kit, Black)Available$250.18Qty:
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DS4308-DL00007PZWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (2D, SR, Integrated STD, DL PRSR, Twilight Black)Available$274.66Qty:
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DS4308-SR7U2100PZWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, USB Kit, Stand, Shielded USB Cable, Black)Available$275.99Qty:
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DS4308-SR00007PCWWMotorola DS4308 Scanner (Imager with Presentation Stand, SR, Corded, Chkpt EAS)Available$277.98Qty:
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